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    Day-to-day Zwiki discussion, all topics. Read and post via wiki, email or gmane newsgroup. 120 mail subscribers.

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    (Semi-)real-time chat. Click the link for web access.

    github issue tracker (2015-)
    手机怎么翻外国网络 (read-only)
    Report bugs and find solutions.

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    The Zwiki news hub.


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    Myriam AjarComédienne •

    This site is a wiki, where you can edit and rearrange pages at any time. But, since anti-spam restrictions are in effect, please set your username in options first. This will allow you to edit and have your votes remembered. Mouse over links, buttons and fields for helpful tips. See more 手机如何连接外国网络电视, help , contents , changes , index , stats . This page should be easy-2-read , report problems to webmaster@beksdg.wcbzw.com .



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    Myriam AjarComédienne •

    Zwiki HEAD
    The latest development code, works with Zope 2 versions 2.7 and up (last tested with 2.13).
    github, release notes

    Zwiki 2.0b1
    (2009/10/23) The latest release, stores text as unicode and works with Zope 2 versions 2.7 and up.
    tarball, release notes

    Zwiki 0.61
    (2008/10/24) The original 0.x line, stores text as utf-8 and works with Zope versions 2.7 to 2.11.
    tarball, release notes

    如何连接外国网络 guide, KnownIssues.

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    In a hurry ? one-page help
    Plone user ? Zwiki and Plone


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    An elegant wiki for a more civilized age

    Zwiki is a powerful, innovative, user-friendly wiki engine, built on the 手机翻国外网站教程 application server, and released as free software under the 手机怎么翻外国网络 . It was actively developed from 1999 to 2009 by Simon Michael and contributors around the world, and has powered many Zope and non-Zope-related wikis.

    With Zope usage now in decline, Zwiki development has been quiescent since 2010 (and this site is read-only, except for 手机怎么翻外国网络), but Zwiki still works well and questions and contributions are welcome! Please explore this site and enjoy the software. Here's a one-minute intro: Zwiki in a nutshell.

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    The classic wiki features, plus a number of uncommon ones (all optional):

    • Wiki Feature Comparison
      works with plain Zope or inside Plone sites
    • completely manageable through the web
    • lightweight page hierarchy, with a simple flat url space
    • smooth two-way email integration, can be a mail list
    • an elegant, integrated 手机怎么看外国网页
    • powerful, sandboxed 手机翻国外网站教程
    • editable in your web browser, in any external editor, via ftp, webdav, TinyMCE HTML editor
    • supports RestructuredText, StructuredText, WYSIWYG HTML, plaintext (Zwiki 1 also supports MoinMoin, WikiWikiWebMarkup, LaTeX)
    • inherits all the power of Zope and its add-ons - platform independence, undo, transactions, membership, cross-site syncing...
    • precise permissions-based access control
    • strong internationalisation support
    • natural, 老王v p n安卓版 urls
    • highly customizable skin
    • page ratings
    • RSS feeds
    • just works, yet flexible
    • mature and refined through daily use

    Flaws.. some things to be aware of:

    • to publish a zwiki site, you need a host that supports Zope 2
    • scaling large wikis to very high performance levels requires ram and/or expertise
    • other KnownIssues.

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